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Every time I go to download a song it says error, how do I get it to stop and actually download?

Just the other day it was working and then I updated it because the YouTube disagreement thing and then I downloaded the apk file to get YouTube back but now it won't download any song I attempt. It just says Error. I have about 12 GB of space on my SD card I have it saving to. I also restarted my Galaxy S4 and still get the the same "Error" message. Please fix this.

Ally Peterson

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Hi Ally, Sorry for late reply. You might have updated on the day YouTube service was down due to their code change. We've fixed it and if you've updated your Plus, everything should be back to normal. Would you pls confirm you don't have the 'error' issues any more.

Aside from that being an issue on a particular day, Errors are usually due to poor internet connection. Mobile data is often still to slow...

Team FrostWire

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As of right now, it's working on my phone. I haven't had any problems on my computer with it so far either.

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