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Why is FrostWire consuming so much data?

Any file downloader will always consume the amount of data equal to at least the cumulative size of all file transfers it performed.
All BitTorrent Clients, FrostWire among them, can consume more data because:
1) BitTorrent Clients, as long as they are opened, will communicate with the BitTorrent network. This consumes very little data, but if you have your BitTorrent client opened for months, it can accumulate.
You can set FrostWire to not use your mobile data for BitTorrent (Main Menu > Torrent Settings > Uncheck 'Use 3G/4G for BitTorrent') in order for it not to consume your mobile data, but communicate with the network only when on Wi-Fi.

2) Every BitTorrent Client will seed (upload chunks of content you are downloading) while you are downloading. This cannot be changed or adjusted in settings, as it is an integral part of the BitTorrent Protocol and it will cause additional data consumptions, although it is just a small fraction of the amount of data you download.
3) Every BitTorrent Client will seed downloads after the transfer is complete. You can disable this behaviour or limit it to seeding on Wi-Fi only.
You can prevent FrostWire from seeding your finished downloads by:
             a) selecting not to seed during initial app set up
             b) changing your preferences in Main Menu > Settings > Torrent Settings > unchecking 'Seed Finished Torrents'
             c) stopping the seeding manually by removing the file from Transfer List
This functionality can consume substantial amounts of additional data, depending on the number, size of files seeded and the demand for those files on the network, but is very very recommended.

BitTorrent trackers will send you the content you are requesting faster when you are downloading if you are an avid seeder. It also ensures the overall health of the network and content availability.
Learn more about seeding here.
4) Android, your operating system, does not close applications. They are simply sent to background, allowing background services to run. This is not a bug - this is how Android works. (That is why it is good to restart your phone every now and then :P)

Since BitTorrent clients need to run a background service (so you can download while doing other things), the app will keep consuming data even though you might have sent it to the background.
To see what applications are currently running (you can generally toggle between running services and cached processes) on your device go to:
Phone Settings > Apps > Running.
To close any app go to:
Phone Settings > Apps > FrostWire > Force Close
Because we know that's a bit of a pain, we've included a special Exit button within FrostWire that will shut down all its processes.
The best way to close FrostWire is to go to FrostWire's Main Menu > Exit or tap on shutdown icon from the sticky notification 'FrostWire is running'
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