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How to fix downloads from the BitTorrent network pausing?


There are few reasons why downloads coming from the BitTorrent network could be pausing:

1) Your internet connections is dropping or too weak. Although your Torrent files should return automatically to "downloading" status again after the connection has been re-established, depending on conditions you might have to resume your download.

  • It is possible you are losing your connection when the phone goes to sleep to preserve battery life. Check your device's Power Management settings or any
  • It is possible you've set your FrostWire to download on Wi-Fi only and you have exited the Wi-Fi coverage, relying on mobile data. Change it in Settings > Torrent Settings
  • It is possible that your internet provider is throttling or even blocking the BitTorrnet traffic (sometimes 24/7, sometimes during peak hours, sometimes when you are using too much of your data).. See point number 6 

2) You are downloading more files than the "Max number of downloads" specified within your settings. To change this go to FrostWire main Menu Settings > Torrent Settings > Max Downloads and check you are not downloading at the same time a higher number that what you have specified.

3) Not enough memory/space on your device. Make sure the size of your downloads does not exceed the capacity of your Internal or SD card memory, whichever you are downloading to.

4) BitTorrent Connection is turned off. If this happens FrostWire will show you a message at the bottom bar of the Transfer screen indicating your BitTorrent Connection is Off:

If that's the case just go to FrostWire main menu Settings > and turn On BitTorrent connection, Torrent files on transfer should resume automatically again after doing this.

Make sure the 'VPN-Drop detection' is Off in case you are not connected under a VPN Service that allows torrenting, otherwise your BitTorrent connection will be Off too until you turn Off 'VPN-Drop detection' or the app connects under a VPN. 

Another reason why the BitTorrent connection could be Off automatically is when 'WiFi networks only' is ON but FrostWire cannot detect a strong WiFi internet connection. If that's the case you can turn Off 'Wi-Fi networks only' on FrostWire Settings and you will use your Data Plan connection to download files (be careful If you are concerned about your Data Plan consumption!). 

5) You are downloading multiple files and at least one of them is bigger than 4GB: The last versions of FrostWire use a Java Library that makes other downloads go to 'Pause' if at least one of the downloads is bigger than 4GB. This issue should be solved for future releases but in the meantime wait till the big file finish on Transfer to resume or start again other downloads. We apologize for this scenario, FrostWire developers are already working on it. 

6) Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be throttling your connection to BitTorrent network. This article will give you more details about this possibility:


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