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How to get more search results with FrostWire for Android


1) Upgrade to FrostWire Plus

FrostWire Basic from Google Play is a BitTorrent client only. It means that it only downloads from the BitTorrent Network and it can only search selected torrent trackers.

Best way to increase the number of search results is to upgrade to FrostWire Plus, which in addition to the BitTorrent Network downloads from YouTube & SoundCloud.

How to install FrostWire Plus

NOTE: Due to Google Play Developer Rules, we cannot have the FrostWire Plus listed in the Google Play Store


2) Get on a stable, private Wi-Fi

Many times the internet connection is at fault when not getting any search results.

It is either:

  • Too Slow
  • Internet Provider is blocking or throttling the Bittorrent traffic (this often happens on public wi-fi's provided by government, educational or corporate institutions)
  • Too Unstable: if you are on a public wi-fi, many other devices are competing for the same connection. Your device might be getting constantly kicked off the network - something which you might not even notice

3) Modify your keyword

Even though FrostWire searches though millions of files, there is a possibility your keywords might not exactly match to any files. Try to make your search term more general.

for example:

Instead of "Kellee Maize Aligned Archetype Something Sacred"

try "Kellee Maize Something Sacred"

or just "Kellee Maize"

You might still find the track called 'Something Sacred' from an album entitled 'Aligned Archetype' by Kellee Maize :)

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