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Why I can't play/open certain files after download?


Have you received a message similar to this?

"Sorry don't know how to open this file"


"File not supported"

There are several reasons while you might not be able to open or play a downloaded file:


1) Your default player/program does not open this type of file: 

FrostWire allows you to play a big variety of audio file types, however the app does not have the capability to play videos.

When you try to open/play a video file and your phone already has a default video application set, the video will open seamlessly in your default player.

If you don't have a set default video player, your phone will ask you what app you want to choose to open this particular video file and it will keep asking you until you choose a default.

If you default video player cannot handle a certain video file type or your phone does not have an app to handle that file type, you will get the 'Can't Open File' error.


To check if this is the reason why your file cannot be open/played check the file extension of the file you want to play within your FrostWire downloads folder (for example .mp4, .avi, etc) and make sure your device has an app that will allow you to open this file.

Where does FrostWire save my downloads?

2) The file is damaged:

It could happen that certain downloads contain files that are damaged and cannot be played. Some of them could have wrong extensions that won't be opened by any app (for example .mp2). FrostWire cannot control the quality or availability of the content that appears in the search results, as most files come from a peer-2-peer network.

To eliminate this option, first go to your FrostWire downloads folder and check the extension of the file.

If everything looks fine then tap the link of the source where the content was downloaded from (to do this just click on the name of the source when performing a search), there you will be able to read reviews about the file, other users maybe reported errors when trying to get that content and you can also find some specifications such as format, size, etc.

Lastly, make sure you do have two apps from different software makers that can open the file format and check with both. If both apps can't open the file, it is most likely damaged and the only thing you can do is find another file to download.


3) The file wasn't saved properly:

The transfer process could fail although the status of the file appears as "Completed" within the Transfer list.

In this scenario FrostWire could show the file within the Transfer, but not in the My Files section or the file could appear within the My Files section, but cannot be open it if there was a problem with the transfer.

If you have already discarded the above options, then delete the file and try to download again, usually a second try or even a third try works properly when trying to get the files. 

These instances are very rare and there are many reasons why the file might not be saved properly. Many are hardware/operating system related and with thousands of different Android devices, very difficult to catch.

If you have noticed a pattern/reason why your FrostWire might not be saving your downloads properly sometimes, please email us at with step by step instruction on how to replicate and basic info about your device (model name and android version). This will hugely speed up the process of us finding and fixing the issue. Thanks in advance :)

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