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How to download files faster


There are several reasons why downloads from the BitTorrent network could be slow, especially when it is bit.

1) Get on the fastest internet connection possible: The speed at which a download takes place is limited by both the bandwidth of the downloader and by the bandwidth of the uploader.

A file cannot by transferred faster than the uploader is capable of sending it, nor can it be transferred faster than the downloader is capable of receiving it. If your connection is slow, blocking or throttling the BitTorrent traffic, your downloads will be slow too.The opposite is true as well - if you have a very fast internet connection and you are trying to download chunks of files from peers with a much slower connection, your transfer is going to take place rather slowly.

2) Choose files with more seeds (=file sources): The more seeds a file has, the faster your downloads, as the file chunks will be coming in from multiple computers at once (BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer distributed network), you will accumulate all the chunks to build an entire file a lot faster. If the file only has a few seeds, the download will be a lot slower, but it still possible to successfully download a whole file. If the file has no seeds, the download will pause and wait for more seeds to come online. It might take a while, or it might never happen, so it's better to just pick another file.

The better your internet connection and the better seeded file, the better download speeds.

We always recommend to use a strong WiFi internet connection instead of the regular 3G/4G data plan when trying to download files, mobile data transfer via 3G/4G are on average considerably slower compared to private WiFi networks.

If you don't get much progress downloading a file and you are sure you've satisfied #1 & #2, it is always good to click on the link of the source (on Search screen under each file name) to visit the website where your torrent file came from so you can check there other users reviews, if the file is too old and the trackers have not been updated in a while, comments about the content, etc

It might be common sense to some, but please remember that the bigger the file size, the longer it will take to download, because there is more information to transfer. 

If the issue is with files that goes "Pausing" automatically then check this link to discard any of these possible reasons:

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