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How to make files download faster


There are several reasons why you could have problems downloading files from the BitTorrent network, especially when it is a big file.

First of all, always make sure you have a good and stable internet connection that is not blocking the BitTorrent traffic.

Second of all, make sure the file you want to download is well seeded (had plenty of download sources).

If you don't see progress in the "Transfers" section, you can check the link of the source (column "Source" within the Search Result list) to visit the website where your torrent file coming from so you can check there other users reviews, if the file is too old and the trackers have not been updated in a while, comments about the content, list of trackers etc.

You can also right-click on your "Transfers" section below the Transfer list and choose the option "Advanced" > "Trackers", there you can Edit or Update the trackers. 

(Trackers are software server applications that keep track of which peer has file copies and which one can serve it at the time of client request. This helps efficient transmission among peers and speeds up download).

Trackers are usually available on the Torrent websites where the link for the torrent is available under the "technical info" for that specific .torrent file. You can copy and paste the trackers in the Track list for your Torrent, this may help to improve the download speed of your file.


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