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How to interpret / read FrostWire search results


It is important to know FrostWire is a BitTorrent Client and cloud downloader primary. Whey you type a keyword in the search bar and tap search, FrostWire crawls many torrent search engines, YouTube, SoundCloud and and presents you with files available to download. FrostWire in itself does not host or control any content available in the search results.


Below is how to read your search results to make better download choices:

1) Search results from Cloud Sources like YouTube or SoundCloud would look like that:


2)  Search results from the BitTorrent network, but individual files from torrent packages, would look like that.



3) Search results from the BitTorrent network, but entire torrent packages. See here to learn more about how downloading BitTorrent works.


How #2 different from #3?

When you download a .torrent file from the torrent section, all it is is a little alias, pointer file that has all the information about the media attached to it. It gets added to Transfers and all the media this .torrent file knows about is downloaded. You can actually open the Torrent transfer by tapping on a '+' icon to see all individual files being downloaded independently.

When you download from the Music, Video, Software or Document sections, you still download from the BitTorrent network. What FrostWire does for you is goes inside the .torrent file to read all the data about the individual files the .torrent is attached to. It then presents that information in a form of individual search results.

Many other torrent clients will open up a list that would allow a user to select which files from the torrent package a user wants to download. FrostWire just shows those files from the beginning, segregated by file type.

If you select an individual file for download, the .torrent file is downloaded in the background (FrostWire needs it to know where the actual media is) and just that one file is downloaded to the device - not the entire torrent package - saving you both time and data.


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