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How to fix no YouTube results?

In order to comply with Google Developer rules for Google Play we have been forced to remove YouTube downloading capabilities from the FrostWire version distributed on Google Play.

How do I get YouTube back?

FrostWire Plus with YouTube Search installer is now available outside the Google Play store on our website at without the imposed restrictions to let you access millions of Creative Commons and Public Domain works available on YouTube.
Please don't punish the application with one star reviews for something that's not entirely our choice.
1. Download the .APK and install the application (do not uninstall the Basic version, just update it). If you want to uninstall FrostWire Basic and do a clean install of FrostWire Plus, make sure you back up your SD Card Downloads beforehand - they will be deleted by Android on application uninstall.
2. Install the application by tapping on the installer. If you get any issues/errors, look below for easy solutions.
3. Disable Auto-Update for FrostWire inside Google Play App (so with the next update, FrostWire Plus will be overridden with FrostWire Basic)
That's it - Happy Downloading!
We understand that to some people removing YouTube from FrostWire might seem like a bad decision... We want to stress, that YouTube removal was something we were forced to do to continue distribution on the biggest market out there, Google Play.

You still have the option to install the full featured FrostWire Plus outside their app store on our website absolutely for free. This latest update really took a lot of work and makes the app even better than before: it fixes 4 other search engines, removes lots of crashes, and uses less memory and CPU therefore less battery. Remember, YouTube is but one of many content sources FrostWire gives you access to.

We are already working on including more search sources, both BitTorrent and cloud based, to offset the loss of YouTube content and will be still offering the full version – now named FrostWire Plus, on our homepage and in other App Stores.

We certainly appreciate your support. It's the users like you, your continued use of the application, your donations & merchandise purchases help us keep this free & open source project active - both on Android and on Desktop. Thanks!

If you have any questions please contact us, we'll try our best to answer every question.
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    Frostwire is a good App

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