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Why was YouTube & SoundCloud removed from FrostWire Basic on Google Play?


In order to comply with Google Developer rules for Google Play we had to remove all YouTube & SoundCloud downloading capabilities from the FrostWire version distributed on Google Play. If we wouldn't have removed it, we wouldn't be able to distribute our app there. Please understand our position and reasoning.

We call the FrostWire for Android version on Google Play FrostWire Basic now.

We believe FrostWire's strongest side is the ease of use and build in BitTorrent search, which no other BitTorrent client provides the same, fully integrated way, we do. We plan to add even more search sources to provide you with a wider range of content in the coming months. Many more improvements to come! Stay close!

Nonetheless, we also recognize that the ability to download from YouTube and SoundCloud on Android were a very sought after features and many users begged us to keep the fully featured going... So we did.

You can download the fully featured FrostWire Plus (with YouTube, SoundCloud and Preview feature) from our website - and a few other app markets.

You need to Enable App Installs from Other Sources in your device's Settings > Privacy and download the installer .apk file from our website using a browser other then Chrome (it will not open .apk files) - Firefox, Delphin or Opera work just fine.




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