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How to back up files downloaded to SD Card


If you want to uninstall FrostWire (to install a new version from scratch or you just don't want to use it any more) and you have been downloading to your SD Card into the Android folder, you first need to back up all your downloads.

If you do not, Android operating system will remove them together with all the application files. This is not our 'design' or 'idea' - this is how Android deals with files left after application was uninstalled.

NOTE: This does not affect files saved onto the internal memory or files saved onto SD Card outside of the Android/data/ folder - if your files are saved anywhere else, you can safely uninstall FrostWire and Install it again - your files will not be deleted and the My Music and My Files sections will re-index your files without issues.



1. Locate your files:

SD Card/Android/data/

2. Use a file explorer, like File Commander, to move your data to another folder (it can still be on the SD Card, just outside the Android folder)

3. You are done! You can now uninstall and reinstall FrostWire again.





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