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Known issues with YouTube search results and downloads


FrostWire scans YouTube to present you with the best search results for your keyword and enables you to download directly from YouTube servers. Because of this one way relationship, the FrostWire code needs to effectively communicate with YouTube servers, never the other way around. If YouTube coders update/change their code, which happens quite often, FrostWire's code might no longer be able to effectively communicate with YouTube servers and FrostWire users might experience a short term inability to download from YouTube.

Any issues are usually fixed within a day and a new update - whether for desktop or android - is released immediately after the fix is complete.

If you are experiencing issues with getting search results or downloading from YouTube, please make sure you update to the latest version. If you are still having issues, please wait 24hrs and try again.

If YouTube is still not working, please issue a support ticket with details about your device, OS and geographical location and we will investigate asap. Thanks :)


NOTE: FrostWire Basic from Google Play store does not have the YouTube and SoundCloud integrations FrostWire Plus from does due to Google Play Developer Rules. If you are on the Basic version, please make sure to upgrade to Plus and try again.

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