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How to fix "Can't Open File" error while installing FrostWire Plus on Android?

Google Chrome does not open .apks - make sure you use a different browser!

We recommend you download the FrostWire Plus apk using Firefox (or any browser different than Chrome), as the built-in Chrome web browser will only download the installer, but it will refuse to open it (a way for Google to force people to use the Play Store for installing apps).

If you don't want to install Firefox on your device, you can always open the FrostWire Plus installer using a file explorer like File Commander (but any similar one will surely open the .apk file as well).
In some devices, it might be possible you will still get a similar message - "Can't open the file" when trying to launch frostwire-android-release-(version)-plus.apk from a file explorer.
In that case, check that you have installed the app "Android Package", "Package Installer" or any other similar app to properly install .apk files aside from Google Play (see your apps on your device Settings > Apps > All to verify).
If you cannot find any app to install APKs just go to Google Play and install any application such as "APK installer", "Application Installer", etc so you can open .apk files without being forced to do it through Google Play Store.

Then go to your device Settings and "Clear defaults" of the Play Store, it usually comes configured to open all your .apk files by default. To do this:

a) Go to your Settings > Applications > All
b) Select Google Play Store
c) Click on the button "Clear defaults"

After that go to the folder "Downloads" and try to open the file FrostWire-android-Plus-release-(version).apk again, you should be able to install FrostWire with a different installer than Google Play Verification.



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