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I can't download anything with FrostWire 6. How can I fix it?


If you are getting search results, but none of the files would download going into 'Downloading' (but not progressing), 'Paused', 'Queued' or 'Error' Statuses in the Transfers window, here are few things to check:

1) Make sure your internet connection is strong and FrostWire is not being blocked from accessing it by your firewall or antivirus software.

[How to get FrostWire from behind my firewall? It won't connect.]

2) If you are downloading from the BitTorrent network [look in the Source column: TPB, Torrents, FrostClick, KAT, Eztv, Extratorrent, BitSnoop, Mininova, MOnova, TorLock, Yify), your files need to have enough Seeds to connect to in order to download files. The more seeds, the faster and more certain the downloads. Sometimes even several seeds might not be enough to guarantee the file will be downloaded, especially if it is large, but it's there are more than few, it is worth try.
[What is seeding?]

3) If you are downloading from the BitTorrent network and you see just a few transfers at a time, with others pausing or queueing, please adjust your BitTorrent Connection Settings. 

[FrostWire only downloads few files at a time, remaining go to paused or cued]

4. If you are downloading from cloud sources (look in the Source column: YouTube, SoundCloud, and getting an 'Error', that is usually due to a fact that an internet connection dropped at some point during download. It can also be caused by waiting too long between a search and clicking the download button, as the links are dynamic and do expire.

If every single cloud sourced file ends up in error, it can only be the internet connection, file source outage or our code needs updating (please let us know if you are sure it is not your internet connection).

5. If you are not getting ANY search results and can't download anything, even if manually opening a .torrent file and you do not see our free music promos on the Search screen, then an internet connection is surely the issue. 

Open your browser and try to lead few pages. If they don't load, you need to solve your internet connection first. If they do load, most likely your firewall or other antivirus/system optimization software is blocking FrostWire from accessing the internet. 

[How to get FrostWire from behind my firewall? It won't connect.]

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    Michael Mcneil

    It tell me there's no results for my searches

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    Megan Mey

    i cant download music, all they ask only need to download the app??

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    Willie Parker

    I'm having a problem downloading what should i do

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