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How to transfer my current FrostWire Library to a new computer?


If you are not backing up your old computer to transfer everything to your new one, but starting up fresh with just the most important folders/files transferred, you would have to transfer the FrostWire library manually. Gladly it's easy :)

On your old computer's FrostWire, go to Tools > Options > Library

Note all the folders your current FrostWire's Library is indexing.

TIP: Go to Tools > Options > BitTorrent and make sure your Default Download Folder is on the list. If not, add it too if you would like :)

Manually copy the folders to your new computer, wherever you want - they don't have to be in the same location.

Finally, after you've installed FrostWire on your new computer, go to Tools > Options > Library again and add all the folders back to your Library. Your new FrostWire will index them all again.




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