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How to open FrostWire in a safe mode?


Safe mode is present in all Windows version. For mac users, the equivalent is to run FrostWire form the Terminal (Console).

Find FrostWire in your Start Menu and pick the launcher that ends with -SafeMode.

FrostWire will open with a console window behind it. The console will record everything that the software is doing, is if there are any errors and you would like to report them or ask for help fixing them, copy and paste the entire output into a New Support Ticket and describe your issue above.

To copy the entire info on the terminal screen select the tiny icon at the top left of the black screen and on the displayed menu click "Edit" > "Select All" then click again on top left icon "Edit" > "Copy" and you can paste all that info on your email message.

If you want to run FrostWire in a Safe Mode on Windows 8 but cannot find "FrostWire-Safe-Mode" access:

  • On Windows Start menu go to your Apps
  • Next to FrostWire 6 you should find the option "FrostWire 6-SafeMode" to open FrostWire in a safe mode
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