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How to save downloads to SD Card


All files will be downloaded to the internal storage of your device by default. You can change the default download location of your files to an SD Card as well.

To do so, go to Settings > Select Storage Location


WARNING! All files downloaded by FrostWire into the SD Card will be deleted by ANDROID if you uninstall FROSTWIRE. Please move your files to another location using a file browser before uninstalling. See here on how to back up your data.

All downloaded files will also be deleted if you go to your phone's Settings > Apps > FrostWire and select CLEAR DATA. (Clear Data option works the same as deleting and installing your application again, hence the downloads will be deleted just like if you would reinstall the app. Clear Cache will not delete your data)

This warning might not apply to you if your FrostWire saves your files to SD Card/FrostWire. Your device is then not under the SD Card access rules Google has implemented yet. If you do have this folder and you've been using FrostWire for a while, please make sure your newly downloaded files get saved there, not to the path below (which would mean you updated your Android while using FrostWire and the path has changed).

If you are downloading to an SD Card and your device has the new(ish) Google SD Card assess rules implemented, your downloads on the SD Card will be in:

SD Card/Android/data/ and will be 100% affected by the rule.

FrostWire will present a notification in Transfers to remind you about it.

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    emily m miculob

    External storage available

  • Avatar
    Team FrostWire

    what did you mean emily? can you expand?

  • Avatar
    Ariel Madrigal

    Wen I try to change the default location to my SD card it doesn't give me the option it only give me the option to save the default location as my phone and I've checked my SD cars its working fine for everything else

  • Avatar
    Team FrostWire

    Ariel - could you file a support ticket with the model of your phone and version of your android OS? We have heard about this happen once, but can't replicate on our devices...

    Is this an original SD Card, or did you put a new one? Could you try unmount it and mount it back?

  • Avatar
    Ariel Madrigal

    Okay I did && I've had this SD card && I've tryed unmounting it also tryed taking SD card out

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