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Everything I try to download ends in ERROR on my Windows 7. How to fix it?


If you are running Windows 7 or 8 and most of your downloads end in 'Error', then this may be the fix for you, especially if the connection status on the bottom left of your FrostWire window says 'Disconnected'.


1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Select 'Run programs made for previous versions of Windows.


2.  Click on 'Program Compatibility' and click 'Next'


3. From the list of software, select FrostWire 5, and click 'Next'


4. Click on the 'Try recommended settings'


5. 'Start the program' and test if FrostWire is working correctly.


6. If FrostWire is working correctly now, click 'Yse, save these setting for this program'. If FrostWire is working little better, but still giving you errors or is giving you the same amount of errors, click on 'No, try again using different settings'.


If you run out of options using the Program Compatibility tool, pls email us and describe your issue in as much detail as possible, including your FrostWire version number and a version of your operating system.

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