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How to create a torrent using FrostWire?


To create a new torrent, prepare your files first. If you are creating a torrent package, where you will be including multiple files, put all these files in one folder and note it's location.

Open FrostWire and choose File > Create a New Torrent



A new window will open, where you can select your Torrent Contents (the file or folder you want to include in your torrent).

You then can either select it to be a Trackerless Torrent by selecting the check box under Tracking or enter a list of Tracker URLs (one per line).


FrostWire Versions 5.7.1 and above have an option to include Web Seeds Mirror URLs for your torrent to be seeded even if you computer is offline.

Read more about Web Seeds here.


FrostWire Versions 5.7.1 and above also have an option to include the Licensing information and crypto currency wallet addresses and PayPal donation URL in the torrent's metadata.

To add your Public Domain, Creative Commons or Open Software License, go to the Copyright License tab on the Torrent Creation window and select your license of choice.


To add your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and PayPal information, go to the Payments/Tips tab on the Torrent Creation window and enter the proper addresses in the spaces provided.


Once all the information is entered, click on Save Torrent As and Save the torrent file.

You should see your new torrent in the Transfers Window in your FrostWire with the words Seeding in the Status column.



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