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Android FrostWire Installation Error: Couldn't install on USB storage or SD card


Update: This issue was solved with FrostWire version 1.3.4 by directing the default installation destination to the internal storage. If you are experiencing this error, pls make sure you are installing the latest version of FrostWire.


There are multiple solutions that worked for different people, one of them should work for you. If it does, please comment below and tell us which worked and what is your device's model and Android version.

1. Clear app cache

Go to

Menu > System Settings > Applications > Downloaded

Tap Menu and select Sort By Size

You want to tap on the names of the first few apps that use the most storage and inside their settings tap on 'Clear Cache'

2. Force Android to install the app on internal storage

Go to

System Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card

Then install FrostWire and mount the card again.

You can later move the app to the SD card from System Settings > Applications > FrostWire.


3. Format the SD Card

This solution does not work for everybody and it's a rather extreme one - formatting your card will delete all the files you've previously saved on it. If you decide to format your card, make sure to back up all your data first.

To format your card go to

System Settings > Storage > Format SD card

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