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My download says 100% but it keeps saying stopped, not completed. Why?


***Issue resolved with UI improvements. All fully downloaded torrents, currently not seeding, appear with the "Finished" status***

If your download says 100%, it's downloaded = complete.

We know the terminology is a bit confusing, but it comes from the BitTorrent network and how it works.

BitTorrent is a P2P network that FrostWire connects to, among other places. If you download a file from that network, you can also seed it (upload it for other users to download) after your download is finished.

If your seeding setting is set to 'Do Not Seed Finished Torrents', FrostWire will download the file and then stop all transfers [some seeding will still take place during the file's download per design of the BitTorrent network). That's all it means.

See more on BitTorrent here, if you are interested.

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    Paula Merritt Randle

    These "help" topics and Answers are, without a doubt, the MOST helpful instructions I have ever had the pleasure of needing. I feel as though I have actually Learned something from someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. I have no further questions, as they have ALL been answered. Thank you so much for not treating me like an idiot. Sincerely, P. Randle l

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    Team FrostWire

    Thanks! Good to hear!

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    Angel Hensey

    I have a problem. Every time I turn my phone off and turn it back on I end up having to download the music again when it download the first time. My music on my phone is how I can tell it not download but most of it is download. Why does that happen?

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    Team FrostWire

    It is definitely not a normal behaviour.... Are you saving your downloads to an SD Card? It could be issues with permissions reading the card or your phone might not be indexing it right.

    Try to move your downloads from the frostwire folder on the sd card to one you've created and see if the same issue persists. Try to move some of the files to internal memory and see if you can see those.

    Please test out those 2 case scenarios and issue a support request from the top right of this page - we will be able to help further.

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