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Why am I not getting any search results on my phone?


When FrostWire doesn't produce any search results, it usually means FrostWire has no internet connection.

When you first open FrostWire and see a white screen below the search bar instead of our recommended free downloads, that's usually a sign there is not network connection at all.

Things to check:
1. Connect to a stable & strong Wi-Fi connection for best results
2. If no Wi-Fi available, make sure your mobile internet connection is on (you might want to check with your Data portion of your signal is on as well) and test with loading a website in your internet browser
3. In FrostWire, go to Preferences > Networking Preferences and check 'Use 3G/4G for BitTorrent'
4. In FrostWire, go to Preferences > Sharing Preferences and in the second option from the top 'Connectivity' make sure the button next to it says 'Disconnect'. If it says 'Connect' tap it to connect to the BitTorrent network
5. In FrostWire, go to Preferences > Search Settings and make sure you have at lest a few search engines selected
4. If you have any anti-virus, firewall or similar application installed, pls make sure it allows FrostWire to connect to the internet


If you are on the FrostWire Basic, it is a also possible that you are not getting any results because your internet provider is blocking the bittorrent traffic. Sometimes it is not blocked all together, but throttled - which means the amount of information allowed from the bittorrent network is very very limited. In those situations, you will see FrostWire searching for a very long time without effect or returning some results, but not progressing the download in the Transfer screen beyond a few kilobites. The only thing you can do is change the source of the internet or lobby your internet provider.

If you are using FrostWire Plus, you will have the same issues due to blocking or throttling the bittorrent network, but the search results coming from YouTube and SoundCloud should not be affected in this situation, so if you do have an internet connection otherwise, you should be getting at least a few results.

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