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How can I download few selected files from torrent package?

FrostWire is a fully featued BitTorernt client that supports downloading partial torrent files. 

If you know you only want to download a few handpicked files from the entire torrent package, you can do it by following the instructions below:

1. Type your keyword into the Search bar
2. Click on the Torrent [FrostWire] icon underneath the search bar
3. From the Search results, pick the torrent you would like to download and clik on the plus icon to the left of the search results

4. When the detail window appears, slelect which files you would like to download and click on the 'Download Selected Files Only'. You can filter your results by the Filter files Bar up top - this is very useful especially if the list of files is very long. 

5. The selected files will be downloaded and the Transfer will appear under Transfers, just like a regular download

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