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How to play all audio tracks by the same artist?


Even though FrostWire for Android does not support playlists [yet], you can still listen to all tracks by the same artist, even if they do not appear all in the row in the 'Audio' section of 'My Files'.

To listen to all tracks by the same artist, go to:

1.     FrostWire Main Menu

2.     Choose My Files

3.     Choose the Audio Tab

4.     Type the name of the desired artist in the search field

5.     Tap the play button on one of your files

The FrostWire music player will play all the tracks found, in order they were found and will loop the playback of the entire selection. 

NOTE: the accuracy of your search selection will depend of the accuracy of your track's metadata. If the artist name is not included in the tracks file information, FrostWire will not be able to find it.

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