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How can I download an entire album at once?

Downloading files using the BitTorrent protocol enables downloading entire packages of content referenced by one .torrent file.

To download an entire package of content:
  1. Search for the content with appropriate keywords
  2. Click on the .torrent icon right below the search bar
  3. Choose the .torrent file that best fits your desired content
  4. Double click it, click on the arrow down icon the left of the file or the arrow down icon mid center screen below the search results window to download the .torrent file and it's data


You can check the content of a torrent package by either clicking on a link to the source of the .torrent under the 'Source' column or by clicking on the '+' icon to the left of your chosen file.
This action will download the torrent file [not it's content] and show you a list of files it refers to. You can then pick and choose which files form that torrent you want to download [vs. downloading the entire package].

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