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How to import my music from FrostWire to iTunes?

As a default, FrostWire will create an iTunes playlist for you with all the audio files inside iTunes. 
If for some reason,  you can't see that playlist, here are some things you can do to import your music to iTunes.

Check your settings in FrostWire first.

Go to:

Tools > Options > iTunes and click on the checkbox next to 'Enable iTunes importing'

Then go to Tools and click on 'Rebuild iTunes FrostWire Playlist'. That should add all your audio files downloaded with FrostWire in to a FrostWire playlist on iTunes.

In case that doesn't work, you can always go to the folder where FrostWire saves your downloaded files and drag & drop those actual audio files directly to iTunes [or go File -> Add to Library in iTuens].

You can see what's your defaul save folder by going to Tools > Options > BitTorrent.

If you have any unsupported file formats, you can convert them to mp3 or AAC (you need another software to do that), put them back into the FrostWire default folder and iTunes should accept them just fine when you Rebuild your FrostWire iTunes Playlist. 
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