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What is seeding?


Seeding is a process where you keep your BitTorrent client open even after you've finished your download to help distribute the file to other users. If others want to download the same file you just did, they will request chunks (little pieces) of this file from you and many other users (peers). They will download tiny chunks from as many users as they can connect to (leeching) and their torrent client will put the files together as they were originally intended to be. When you've downloaded your file, it came in chunks from different users on the BitTorrent network as well!

With FrostWire, you can choose to Seed or Not to Seed Finished Torrent Downloads. You will always be seeding during the download itself and we strongly suggest to seed your files until the ratio of upload:download is at least 1.00 (you upload at least as much you downloaded). The more you & everyone else seed, the faster the downloads will be on the BitTorrent network for all users!

In addition, if you don't seed the files you've downloaded, some Trackers (the servers that connect peers to each other) might penalize such behavior limiting your download speeds in the future. 

Seeding handpicked torrent files works in a similar way, but because you are not downloading the whole torrent package, the you might end up with some partial files surrounding your selected files. These partial files are necessary for the torrent to be seeded correctly.

When files are being uploaded (seeded), they are being transferred in chunks. Those pieces don't always align to the beginning/end of your selected file and some additional data from neighboring files is needed.

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