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Why do some things take so long to download?


The speed at which a download takes place is limited by both the bandwidth of the downloader and by the bandwidth of the uploader. A file cannot by transferred faster than the uploader is capable of sending it, nor can it be transferred faster than the downloader is capable of receiving it. If you have a T1 Internet connection and you are trying to download chunks of files from people or servers with a slower connection, your transfer is going to take place rather slowly.

If you are downloading from a BitTorrent network, the more seeds a file has, the faster the download will be as the file chunks will be coming in from multiple computers at once. If the file only has a few seeds, the download will be a lot slower, but still possible. If the file has no seeds, the download will stop. 

Also, the bigger the file size, the longer it will take to download, because there is more information to transfer.

If you are experiencing issues with files that stop downloading or takes to long to download please follow these recommendations:

1) Re-start FrostWire. Make sure you 'Exit' the app properly, the FrostWire logo shouldn't appear at the top bar of your device If you are on an Android device.

2) Check the source of the Torrent to make sure the file you are trying to get is still available and well seeded. Just click on the link of the source each file has on the Search Results list. Trying to get the same file from a different source may work as well.

3) Finally, it is possible your ISP (Internet Service Provider) could be throttling your connection to BitTorrent networks, re-start your router and launch FrostWire again to see if the connection gets better. This article will give you more details about this possibility:

Your ISP messing with BitTorrent traffic

If that's the case and you are concerned about your privacy we always recommend users to get a VPN Service that allows BitTorrent connections. Here you can get more details about this option:

FrostWire works with VPN Services

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