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Why can't I find the file I'm looking for?

The content of the BitTorrent network consists solely of files which people are sharing with each other and the torrent trackers are indexing. If nobody is seeding [making chunks for that file available] the particular file you're looking for, you won't be able to download it. Sometimes you might see some search results for a .torrent filetype, but if there are no seeds available [look at the Seeds column], you won't be able to download the content.

The content available on cloud servers depends on what users/artists upload to YouTube, SoundCloud, and other services FrostWire might be accessing in the future. In addition, content uploaded to those servers needs to be publicly available [the user has not made it private] and either under the YouTube license or set as 'Downloadable' on SoundCloud.

FrostWire is a file sharing application that provides the technology for you to access content that's available online, in the same way a browser lets you access content on websites. 
FrostWire does not host any content nor it has influence over what content is available for download. 
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