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Is FrostWire Legal?


Using FrostWire and sharing files is absolutely legal -- let us illustrate why.

Almost everybody in United States drives a car. When people break speed limits, drive under influence or blow red lights, they put everybody's life in danger. This behavior, although itself illegal, doesn't make cars, or roads, or the act of driving illegal, right?

The similar logic applies to FrostWire.
The application, file sharing and the internet in general are all legal, but you have to respect your local copyright laws and only share the content you have the right to. As a matter or fact, most people commit copyright infringement unknowingly while sharing files using their browsers, email or social networking sites. It's not the tool, it's what you do with it that matters.

So how to share files the legal way, you ask?
Make sure to know your local copyright laws - they vary from country to country! Don't download copyrighted material without explicit permission from its creators & consume more Creative Commons Licensed and Public Domain content.

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