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How can I limit upload & download speeds to a certain bandwidth limit?

You can control upload and download speeds globally in FrostWire Options Settings.

Go to: Tools > Options > BitTorrent > Advanced

There you will find the global controls. You can also set maximum number active downloads here.

You can also control upload and download speeds individally for each of your transfers.

In your transfer list, right click on an item you want to control. 

Choose Advanced > Set Down Speed or Advanced > Set Up Speed

These options are on the individual level, but are still limited by the global controls set in FrostWire Option Settings. 

You can limit the number of active download torrents at one time. If you have more, they should queue and act like a list that is serviced in turn. You cannot control the order in which they download other than stopping and starting them as they activate. 

If you download by full torrents and avoid hand picking, the volume of data being downloaded usually makes specific order irrelevant. 

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