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How to play downloaded audio files offline directly from FrostWire?


You can play all the audio files you downloaded using FrostWire and all the other audio files on your mobile device as well. FrostWire scans all your media files to work as a full-scale media player. 
In order to play audio files from within FrostWire:
1. Tap on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner to access the 'Main Navigation'
2. Tap on 'My Files'
3. Tap on the music icon [note]
4. Tap on the play button of any of your audio files [it's overlaid on the track's album cover]
These steps will take you to the FrostWire Media Player. 
You can listen to music in the background and perform other actions on FrostWire [you can go back with the Android's 'Back Button' or by tapping a left arrow in the upper left corner of the screen.]
You can even perform other actions on your Android device within other applications. Just exit the FrostWire screen by pressing the Android's 'Home' button on your device. 
You can easily come back to the FrostWire's Media Player controls from within the notifications screen of your device. 

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