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How do I create a playlist?

Playlists are collections of audio files. 

You can easily create a new playlists in two ways:


In the mid-left section of your LibraryTab, click on 'New Playlist'. An empty playlist will be added. 

You can then add desired tracks to your playlist by either:
  1. Dragging and dropping the file to your new playlist
  2. Right-clicking on the file [or many files] and selecting 'Add to Playlist' and then selecting the desired playlist

  1. In the Library Tab, click on Audio in the upper left section
  2. Select all the files you would like to add to your playlist
  3. Right click on the selection
  4. Choose 'Add to Playlist' and then 'Create New Playlist'
  5. Type the desired name for your new playlist and click 'OK'

Your playlist will appear in the mid-left section of your Library window

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