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How to use Search Filtering Tools with FrostWire for Android?


If you have FrostWire for Android version 1.9.8 or higher, an option to filter search results is now available to you. It's very easy to use and will give you the ability to narrow down your search results to precisely what you are looking for.

To use the Filtering feature:

1. Open FrostWire and do a search.

2. Tap on the menu button in the right upper corner.

Here you will see different options for filter results.

For example, you can filter by a manually entered keyword or an automatically detected source of the content.


You can also filter by sources/channels, file extensions, or/and file names.

As you apply filters, the results in the background will filter down to reduce the number of search results and present only the ones that match all of the keywords and filters you’ve specified.

By default the filters you apply are inclusive (+), if you touch an applied filter it will switch from inclusive (+) to exclusive (-), meaning it will check for results that do not have such keyword in its metadata.

As you add/subtract the filters, the availability of additional suggested filters will also be reduced because you've already removed the content they were derived from your filtered list of search results.


Let us know what you like and don't like about the new Filtering functionality in the comments section


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